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This website will shortly be updated to reflect our new name, Lucie Blackman Trust. In the meantime all services are still available here.

“Over 6.6 billion people, across 57,268,900 square miles, speaking 6500 different languages... Where do you start looking?”

Since the disappearance of Lucie Blackman in Japan in 2000, The Lucie Blackman Trust has assisted many other families of missing relatives and established Missing Abroad to provide the unique expertise, practical help, advice and support needed by families at the most traumatic times.

The Lucie Blackman Trust is the first point of contact for families suddenly confronted with the unthinkable, providing access to both knowledge and logistical support to ensure that every effort can be made to find the person as quickly as possible. Since its inception in mid-2008, inspired by Lucie's family's experiences and the difficulties in getting media coverage for Amy Fitzpatrick, Missing Abroad's dedicated team has supported thousands of families.

The Trust's invaluable services have allowed it expand dramatically since 2010, and it is able to support families who find themselves in a number of horrific situations. The Trust also assists in Homicide, Accidental Death, Abduction and Hostage cases, and offers advice and support for a huge variety of crises that befall British Citizens whilst travelling overseas.

The close links and partnerships The Lucie Blackman Trust has with governments, police and other authorities both in the UK and worldwide allows it to deliver a fast responsive service - support when it  is needed most.

The Trust is particularly proud of its Specialist Advisors, consisting of Neville Blackwood MSc(former Detective Superintendant FCO), our International Law Enforcement Advisor, Commander (Retd.) Simon Foy QPM LLB, our Homicide Advisor and Duncan McGarry MBE who joined us in 2013 as Family Liaison Advisor. 

Chief Executive Matt Searle sits on a number of Steering and Advisory Panels and is Vice Chairman of the Victims' Services Alliance.

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The Lucie Blackman Trust - Registered as a charity in England and Wales no. 1118143 and in Scotland no. SC044294

May 27 2015